I am a figurative artist, and my work is centered within the relationship of graphic strength and tonal sensitivity. My stories vary; often contemplating the beauty of the human form or something captivating from nature. My main character is always light; how it defines what is essential and creates movement through its exchange with shadow. My intention is to inspire those who see my work so they too reflect on the marriage of light and dark, and consider what interrelationship means to them.




Alan Pepin has gained national recognition for his fine art as well as his product design. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alan began studying classical painting at the age of fourteen. In 1990, he continued his creative studies at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design and later The University of Minnesota.

"At a young age, I learned the power of the pencil and it's ability to help me create anything in my mind, and recreate what my eyes could see. A piece of paper and a pencil became the gateway of my imagination."


Pepin moved to Saint Cloud, Florida in 2005 and continues his creative work in fine art and design. Since 1988, his paintings and drawings have appeared in numerous one-person exhibitions and many group exhibitions throughout United States, and his work is held in many private collections. His designs in lighting and furniture are available through various home decor and lighting showrooms across the United States and Canada.

"Even now, each day is like an expedition led by my own curiosity; like following a treasure map and tracing the invisible hand that created it all."